You, me + a magic microscope


Many (ok, maybe all) of these newsletters discuss you as energy/frequency. Why? Because I think our world would look different – in an overall good way - if we lived according to this aspect of our nature.

It can be super hard, though, to get a handle on our energetic nature because it really, truly seems like we are what meets the eye. How could it not be super-duper hard to ‘get’ that we’re 99.9999999% ‘space’?!

So I wrote the following piece for Energy Magazine, when they reached out to me...and I thought that reading about what I call a 'magic microscope' – which peers straight through your body – would provide some good context for you, too. (It's 'magic', btw, because no single microscope could do this).

Here it is:

'You, Me + Connectivity'

At this point in our time-space continuum, we need a little more
kumbaya around a camp fire. You know — connection, empathy, togetherness, getting-along. At the least, we need to be able to conduct truly open-minded discussions about a variety of button-pushing topics. But I am not here to belabor that point.

I am here to help with the ‘how.’
How we remember — despite our seeming differences in race, politics, religion, etc. — we are all connected. So, when we say, ‘We are all in this together’ we hold a visceral understanding of what that means. Because, at all levels, we are in this [fill-in-the-blank] together.

The proof is in the pudding as we take a magic microscope and peer into the body:

At the gross level, every body is comprised of similar regions and structures like a head, chest and heart. Peer deeper into a structure like your heart, for example, and you see an organ made of tissue that, in turn, is comprised of like-minded cardiac cells (Greek
kardia, heart). These cells are comprised of organelles like mitochondria (which use the oxygen you breathe to create energy); break the mitochondria down and you will eventually reach the macromolecular level of proteins (carbohydrates, fats are others). Proteins consist of organic compounds like amino acids (for instance, the tryptophan in turkey), which are made up of elements like carbon. And if you remember the Periodic Table of Elements from your elementary school science class then you know we are not done yet. . . (Read more/get quantum here).

When you're done reading:
- Want a visual? Check out this wondrous 3-minute video. I’d recommend watching the whole thing, otherwise their version of the 'magic microscope’ starts at 1:56.
- Want to peer inside you? Question everything. First and foremost yourself. For those of you who wonder how I do what I do...this is the foundation.