Private Sessions

My work is about living the science of who we are, the interconnectedness of who we are, the expanse of who we are...and questioning everything—especially ourselves—along the way.

In my integrative practice, I use your body as a lens to extrapolate inward and outward. From this vantage point, I integrate 1) your various parts into a coherent whole, and 2) natural measures (e.g. nutrition, movement, breath, perception) into your daily patterns, to help you live your ‘new’ whole. The result is a practical, healthful prioritization that enables you operate more easily as you. I work with a limited number of adult and child clients.



For the world to reach its highest potential, each of us needs to take responsibility for our individual roles therein.

Whether you are an individual or an organization, your work serves others. Maximize your impact by making sure that your vision, structure and functionality are aligned within your system, as well as with your recipient’s. As I’m serving as Director of Operations for the Documenting Hope Project, I’m not currently taking on other projects but please feel free to learn more. The future is nothing but potential.



Explore different perspectives on your body.

Through these books, you’ll learn everything from the muscles of your shoulder, to your shoulder as metaphor. Explore different perspectives on the body and how they can be employed for health and wellbeing. Different approaches will work at different times; inquire within.