The Multiverse, Remote Controls, and Gwyneth Paltrow


So we continue to explore what it means to be bodies without walls. Meaning, the energy-frequency-field structure you are doesn’t stop at your skin. Kind of like a flame, whose glow appears condensed at the candle’s wick… but then radiates into a halo of light…and thereafter dissipates slowly, without a hard-and-fast end.

But we’ll talk more about this later.

For now, we’re going to talk about something even weirder: many versions of you!

Many versions of you require many universes to live in…and in comes the concept of the multiverse. In the quantum mechanics “many worlds” interpretation, our world is only one of many possible worlds that exist simultaneously.  ‘Possible’ because the quantum tree is a probabilistic one…with outcome depending on the observer. So, rather than a ball being hidden under a red cup or blue cup, the ball actually exists under both cups…until the observer checks them. Then, given one set of circumstances (like the observer’s equipment, eyesight, mood, hair color) the ball is found under cup A…while on another branch of the probabilistic tree (where, perhaps, the observer had too much coffee) the ball is under cup B.

[Pause for a moment of contemplation, er, brain explosion. Although, if we pause too long our brains might then explode into a couple brains, similar to how multiple universes may be created…]

Dr. Michio Kaku has a smart, fun, layperson-friendly take on the multiverse here. My take-away at the daily, macro level is: Potential. What your life looks like and could look like based on—and resulting in—the choices you make at the 24-7 level.*

Imagine, if you will, that you are a remote control with several channels. These channels – like PBS (intellectual), Lifetime (sentimental), Comedy Central (funny) – all exist at the same time. Just because you’re watching one doesn’t mean the others aren’t there, as well. You’re simply choosing which you want to tune into (depending on your equipment, mood, coffee intake, etc).

Which means that you can change the channel— switch the youniverse, if you will—any time. So, for example, if you’re exasperated because your cat is meowing incessantly, despite the fact that you’ve already fed her 600 times since the morning, including some of the dog’s food which she apparently loves, plus you haven’t eaten yet because you’re maxed out on kitchen time feeding her… you can stop, pause and say “ok, how can I add some clarity to this situation?” And then choose to feel calm and even bemused about the whole thing. Or not. You can also choose to remain in a state that’s 2 seconds away from locking your beloved in Schrodinger’s box.


Because—in a multiverse of you—the version of you that you’re living right now is a choice. (Even if it doesn’t always feel that way).

Which also means that choices are no longer dualistic. They’re not 100% good or bad, right or wrong. They are just simultaneous possibilities that serve different parts of you in different—perhaps, good and bad—ways. One job choice may, for instance, serve the part of you that wants to feel secure, but not the part that seeks creative expression. Or, a choice to stay with a partner may serve the part of you that craves comfort but not the part that’s passionate.

So a) infinite potential versions of you exist and b) the choice is yours, as to which version you’d like to live. Trade-offs and compromises, included.

You know, simple stuff 😉

Here, as a start, is a thought on how to broach your own Jekyll-Hyde-and-beyond:

Step 1:
As always: awareness. Awareness, in this case, that there are different versions of you. You already know this (like when you say one thing while thinking/feeling another, or feel stressed by something that used to never affect you). I’m just encouraging you to remember it during the course of your day.

Step 2:
Practice. How can you practice changing the channel on your remote control?

Long-term: Meditation. Meditation is hugely transformative throughout time. The crucial step is showing up for it. Really—set your timer and sit for 2-minutes. Then sit again. And again. Independent of outcome. Before you know it – let’s say a year later – you’ll have a regular meditation practice. Versus another version of you that keeps waiting to sit and a year later, still hasn’t. Your choice 🙂
Shorter term: Shake your body. Seriously. Change the state of your body and you’ll change everything that’s connected (e.g. thoughts, emotions).  Envision it: 30-seconds of free-form gyrations can turn tired-into-invigorated, angry-into-impassioned, calm-into-crazy. Or craft your own version: Take a walk around the block, skip down the hall, jog in place. Potential abounds 😉

I get that potential is daunting. Maybe even paralyzing. But if you don’t make a choice, the multiverse will for you. Because, if the multiverse is orchestrating a billion coexisting realities …and you live in said universe(s)…then it’s orchestrating part of your reality, too.

Just look what happened to Gwyneth Paltrow’s character in Sliding Doors when – in one instant- she made it onto her subway and in an equal-but-alternate instant was left on the platform. Her WHOLE LIFE subsequently changed.


Grab string theory by the strings and make choices that reflect who you are/would like to be.

This summer is likely full of choice points for a lot of you. Knowing what version of yourself you’d like to invoke will help you make the best choice(s) you can at the time…and feel good about it after.

Let me know how it goes.

*Important sidebar: One of the big reasons quantum physics has heretofore remained at the subatomic level is because its “weird” aspects disappear/average-out at the macro one. BUT. Its ongoing potential persists. As part of us. A large (heretofore unaccessed) part of us. Which is why—even though it would be highly difficult to transfer universes—it is still theoretically possible. Inside-and-out, possibility abounds.