The Matter with Energy


As you’ve likely noticed, I talk a lot about energy. How we are it, have it, and live in a world of it. All in an attempt to take science out of the books and into our lives so we can walk our talks.

It’s no mean feat understanding what energy means…especially given that different people use it different ways. For instance, in physics, energy is defined as a property that everything in the universe can have…but not a thing, itself. Which is why we can derive it from mass (e.g. solar energy from the sun), momentum (e.g. elastic energy from a stretched rubber band) and more.

In our layperson life, we use energy to refer to many different things, as well. Like, for example, the level of activity we perceive someone possesses (e.g. “she has a lot of energy”), or the amount of energy something can give us (e.g. an energizing song), a feeling someone inspires in us (e.g. “she has such good energy”) and so-on-and-so-forth. The overarching theme of these examples is that we use energy to refer to an intangible essence or force that can’t necessarily be explained with more formal words, yardsticks or structures. Yet.

Starting to see why there can be confusion around the term?

Personally, I like—and tend to use—the term subtle energy because it kinda combines the layperson and scientific definitions. It takes the concept of a deep, pervasive life force (associated with many ancient philosophies, as well as contemporary culture) and connects it to deep, pervasive forces that science knows exist in our lives but doesn’t really know much about (e.g. subatomic forces, dark energy).

Plus, I like things to be what they are, and subtle energy is most definitely subtle. It is generally known …but not specifically. It is undetectable by your unaided senses…and yet forms >99.999% of you (i.e. the space inside an atom). Now that’s subtle.

That said, the realm may be more subtle than your five senses can perceive—sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch—but so were Xrays, microwaves and microorganisms once upon a time. It’s only through the advent of photographic film, antennae and microscopes, respectively, that we can detect them. But they existed well before humankind became scientifically aware of their existence.

I am amongst many who believe that there are individuals who – without technology – are able to tune into the existence of subtle energy using a sixth sense. Let’s call it extra-sensory perception. A finely-honed intuition that allows us to perceive beyond the five, basic senses.

In times past, intuitive folk gave their understanding of this energy the structure of auras and chakras and meridians and the zodiac and so-on-and-so-forth. Because there were no other tools to measure it, structures to order it, or words to explain it. They worked with what they had.

In fact, we’re still working on explaining and understanding it today.

Speaking of which…

As many of you know, my recent book Your Body and The Stars (that was recently featured on the Dr. Oz show twice, along with my stellar coauthor Rebecca Gordon), is a lens for taking part of that-which-cannot-be-explained and explaining it. And my specimens are the zodiac and your body parts.

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And that’s all for now.

Good thing there’s so much more to come, for us all.