Lots of Gifts, Even More Electrons + Yoda


Recently, for whatever reason, I’ve been thinking about ‘receiving.’ Like, REALLY receiving.

Sure, I’ve received stuff all my life: mail, food deliveries, birthday presents, compliments, big lessons that come from big ass-kickings, etc. But I’m starting to witness a realm of receiving in which the gift is like a whisper. It is not glaringly obvious at the surface; you have to listen closely to even get that it’s there, let alone a gift. And the gift isn’t necessarily material; it could be a job, a space of time…ultimately it’s something that you need at a deep level, that the universal-forces-that-be are giving you … if you’re able to receive it. The gift may require aborting prior plans or doing something differently than your mind had in mind…but ends up a) worth it and b) bringing you to another state of self.

On the outside, you’ve transitioned states your whole life, like going from elementary school to high school to the work world… through different sets of friends…into new understandings, wardrobe expressions, food preferences, etc. Some transitions happen intentionally, others are only noticed in retrospect.

Inside of you, transitions-of-state happen all the time.

In the part of you that knows no time, reside electrons. You are comprised of about 1.5 x 10^28 electrons, i.e. a lot. Electrons are negatively charged particles that move in orbitals around the nucleus of an atom.  In your body, they play a major role in chemical bonds when they are either shared by atoms (covalent bond) or jump ship from one atom to another (ionic bond).

Electrons are always moving (hence, so are you). Even if they stay within their home atom, they are not only moving in orbits, but also able to change orbitals. This occurs, for example, when an electron is hit by a photon of light, absorbs the quanta of energy the photon was carrying, and moves to a higher energy state. It also occurs when, at some point, this higher energy electron releases its ‘extra’energy in the form of a photon of light, and returns to its original energy level.

Basically, an electron moves to orbitals where its wavelength is in phase with its self.

Hmm. Isn’t that we’re all aiming for…living in sync with ourselves? Smart electrons.

Good thing you kinda are your electrons. Certainly, you’re not just electrons, but they do constitute a part of you and, hence, their qualities do, too. And that’s the point of this whole shebang: to start living the science we are and not just keep it confined to science books. Even if we don’t know how it works (yet).

That said, one key difference between you and your electrons is how quanta (in whatever form pleases you) is received. For example, when electrons receive light, it’s an act of absorption that just happens. The electron (probably) isn’t thinking, ‘no I can’t do that, I already had planned to do XYZ.’ Or ‘sorry, I’m just not ready for this light.’ Or ‘I wanted something else instead.’

Instead, light is absorbed and the electron moves to a higher energy level. Full stop. No expectations, no attachment to outcome, no feelings of obligation or guilt. Just total acceptance and willingness for the quantized gift to bring it wherever.

When’s the last time you received like that?

Here’s (my best guess) how to receive as openly as the bazillion electrons that constitute you:

  • Lie in a reclined bound angle pose. If possible, do it outside on earth. You’re pretty open in this posture, including your palms; note how the palms are facing up in a gesture of reception (‘cause it’s really hard to receive things if your hands are clenched or facing the ground). Support your knees with towels, blocks, cushions; this isn’t meant to be a hip-opener (for our current purposes), so even if you don’t think you need bolsters go for it so you can melt/open/receive more.

  • Turn off your phone ringer and set the timer for 10-minutes. Close your eyes, and put on an eye pillow, if that helps. Then melt. Spend the time melting into your bones… and keep melting further, even when you think there’s no more to go. I assure you there is. The mantra “I melt further into my bones” may even be employed for this purpose. In so melting, realize how much tension you were holding that you didn’t even suspect. Again and again. And notice that you probably feel some really nice sensations…so nice that, at the end of the 10-minutes, your experience has been surprisingly X, Y, and Z for you. A simple gift allowing you to enter another state from whence you began. Let it be enough.

  • As you practice allowing yourself to receive more fully you’ll get better at receiving more fully. Instead of just moving with force you’ll be open to forces moving you, too. And, in an ode to co-creative forces, who better to refer you to than Yoda? Enjoy here.

There’s a lot of stuff in our world for you to receive; heck, you may be surrounded by gifts 24-7 that you’re just not recognizing as gifts. So begin to receive even more openly and fully than you are now. Because, as always, it’s not just about you: when you receive, you also give, whether via smile, appreciation, personal growth, whatever. Just like how electrons – when they receive extra light/energy – give light/energy/color back to the world.

So receive…give…and live like your electrons. And enjoy the ride, ‘cause this summer portends to provide one.