Biophotons, Your Aura, and Celery Sticks (Or, living the light you are)


In last month’s newsletter, we discussed how energy means different things to different people. Well, the same goes for light. But instead of reviewing the myriad ways in which you hear the word “light”—referencing everything from ceiling fixtures to the divinity within—I just want to skip to the part where you ARE light.


So let’s discuss biophotons, because if you haven’t heard about them already, you likely will soon. Bio means ‘life’, and a photon is a bundle of light. Hence a biophoton is a bundle of light that your body emits. All living bodies—frogs, bats, the guy next to you—do. This light is made of ultraweak particles/waves (depending on how you’re measuring them) that are invisible to the naked eye, but detectable via modern technology…

…unless you’ve honed your extra-sensory skills and can see auras. Auras are human energy fields that have been described for some 5000 years as colors and/or halos around the body by East Indian, Chinese, Jewish, Christian cultures, and likely more. Nikola Tesla purportedly first photographed auras in the late 19th century, and Semyon Kirlian popularized and optimized the technology in the 1900’s (which has been challenged ever since). Seemingly, auras are what science is now ‘discovering’ as biophoton fields.

Go figure.

It’s currently thought that these biophotons may be used for communication, transferring information, and overall regulation throughout your cells…which would finally(!) explain how the heck our cells know what to do and when. We—laypeople, physicians and scientists, alike—take for granted that our 50+ trillion cells know what to do every day. But every cell is involved in over 100,000 biochemical reactions occurring per second, all of which must be simultaneously timed and sequenced with others. This question was perpetually in the back of my mind during med school lectures because, thus far, we have no good explanation for how the harmony happens. And I think the question is so unanswerable with our current paradigm that most folks are unwilling (afraid?) to even ask. But a biophoton-mediated information delivery system travelling at the speed of light (because biophotons are light) could explain it.


Knowing you are a creature of light…and assuming that you want to be the most luminous creature you can be…here are a few thoughts on how to increase and maintain your shine:

  • Add more raw, naturally-grown fruits and veggies to your day. You know, foods that are made from sunlight. Grab a handful of strawberries for a snack, versus beef jerky; choose celery sticks over crackers. In other words: feed your photons 🙂

  • Bask in the light of the moon. Or sun (safely). A recent study showed that the light of the sun and moon effect your light via gravitational influences. Effectively: exposure to more light creates, well, more light. (Click here for the reference to this study, which is part of a killer cool article on biophotons).

  • Do whatever you do to feel light. You know what makes you feel light. Schedule (now!) one light-enhancing activity this week—petting your friend’s cat, going to yoga, watching a ballet, playing with light sabers, picnic-ing on the beach, getting a good night’s sleep—and then schedule another for next week, and so on and so forth.

There’s no wrong way to live the light you are. And we’re figuring-it out, together.


I know that all this “being made of light and energy” talk is new to a lot of you…and the modern world. And it’s not always easy to ingest because it seems to fly in the face of standard operating procedures (although I think the verdict is in for how well our SOPs are serving society). Plus, the implications are staggering.
Suffice it to say: as we continue to understand, define and structure this realm—especially as it applies to how we live it (versus read or think about it)—expect bumps, controversies, misunderstandings and questions along the way. But remember the story of Galileo, and the ridicule—along with lifetime house arrest—that accompanied his proof that the earth orbits the sun (at a time when most folks were certain it was the other way around). He didn’t have it easy but his understanding eventually prevailed, which is why it now seems obvious to everyone that of course heliocentrism is how things happen.

Galileo’s understanding was based on viewing the different phases of Venus and recognizing that the sun must, therefore, illumine Venus in different ways (implying that Venus orbits the sun and not vice versa). And you (now) know that—based on your biophotons, at the least—you shine in different ways, too.

So, do your best to live your light. It’s a tremendous resource for you and the world needs bright, shiny beacons more than ever.