Nerdy jokes, The Uncertainty Principle + Side-Swiping

Somehow I’m only able to remember two jokes: 1) about Sam Clam & Fred the Lobster (which is well beyond and below the scope of this newsletter), and 2) the above [attributed here], which is a nerdy joke referencing Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, which says that the more precisely a particle’s position is known, the less precisely its momentum is known, and vice versa.

Lots of Gifts, Even More Electrons + Yoda

Recently, for whatever reason, I’ve been thinking about ‘receiving.’ Like, REALLY receiving.

Sure, I’ve received stuff all my life: mail, food deliveries, birthday presents, compliments, big lessons that come from big ass-kickings, etc. But I’m starting to witness a realm of receiving in which the gift is like a whisper. It is not glaringly obvious at the surface; you have to listen closely to even get that it’s there, let alone a gift.

Your Houseplants Have Eyes (and your brain has waves)

According to a recent study published in Trends in Plant Science, your houseplants have eyes. So does the cabbage you ate for dinner. Well, technically they are very basic “eyespots,” but either way what we’re talking about is visionary vegetation. At first glance, the idea seems a bit odd. And yet, it’s not new to the science arena. It’s an idea that has been proposed by many different researchers, even dating as far back as 1907.